A Different Kind of Hearing Center

A Different Kind of Hearing Center

About Us

Port Elgin Audiology provides diagnostic testing and hearing solutions for patients of all ages. We are pleased to provide hearing solutions that are more powerful, precise and user friendly than ever before. Reeti Sandhu’s expertise in this state-of-the-art line of hearing aids ensures that her patients are receiving superior comfort, best-in class hearing technology and an individualized solution that will fit their unique lifestyle.

Reeti Sandhu | Au.D., REG. CASLPO



Reeti Sandhu is an experienced and dedicated audiologist who is committed to helping those with hearing loss discover what they have been missing. She has been a practicing audiologist since 2012, and has been fortunate to have worked in various settings including industry, education, private practice and ENT settings. Reeti’s diverse background allows her to bring a wide array of talent, skills, and experiences to her clinical practice.